Local February 29, 2024 | 3:14 pm

Tour guides of Santo Domingo’s Colonial City march for recognition and support

Santo Domingo.- A sizable assembly of tour guides from the Colonial City of Santo Domingo took to the streets on Thursday, February 29, advocating for support from the Executive and acknowledgment of their historical contributions.

The mobilization emphasized the vital role local tour guides play in welcoming and guiding visitors, particularly in the Colonial City, acting as cultural ambassadors and promoters of the Dominican Historical Heritage.

The Union of Official Tourist Guides of the Colonial City, the driving force behind the mobilization, issued a statement highlighting the challenges faced by many guides, such as health problems or advanced age, hindering their ability to continue their work.

While reiterating their dedication to promoting and preserving the Dominican Historical and Cultural Heritage, the Tour Guides of the Union expressed the hope that their demands would be considered.

The key demands put forth by the tourist guides of the Colonial City include:

  1. Pensions for aging guides with health conditions: Urging competent authorities to establish a pension program ensuring a decent living for guides who, due to advanced age or health issues, are unable to continue their work.
  2. Clear categorization regulations by the Ministry of Tourism: Demanding the creation of transparent regulations by the Ministry of Tourism that outline specific criteria for the inclusion of local guides and the necessary skills for the profession. This aims to ensure quality and professionalism in tourist services offered in the Colonial City and its surroundings.
  3. Continuing education program: Proposing the implementation of a continuing education program for active tour guides to enhance their skills and knowledge, ensuring a constant update of the abilities required for better performance in their roles.
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