Local March 2, 2024 | 9:18 am

DIGESETT operations: 2,932 drivers inspected and 590 motorcycles impounded

National District – The General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (DIGESETT) reported that, during nighttime operations nationwide, it inspected 2,932 drivers violating Law 63-17 on Mobility, Land Transportation, Transit and Road Safety.

Within the operation, the DIGESETT detailed that only one thousand seven hundred and twenty (1,720) drivers were inspected for not carrying lights, which violates Article 64 of the Law above.

Likewise, the entity specified that in the night operations carried out on February 24, 28, and 29, 89 vehicles and 590 motorcycles were detained.

The director of the DIGESETT, General Francisco Osoria de la Cruz, P.N., explained that these operations are part of the strategies to reduce the rate of road accidents and to ensure that drivers respect the Traffic Law so that citizens can move safely on the streets, avenues, and highways throughout the national territory.

“The coordinated work and citizen awareness are fundamental to achieving safe and responsible mobility on our country’s roads, ” added General Osoria.

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March 2, 2024 4:05 pm

By doing this you’ll “reduce” accidents only when they’re sleeping…
It’s deeply rooted ,embedded social issue…
People are trying to survive , they have to eat or fix their modes of transportation, it’s not hard decision to make…

Start working on overall mentality to be able to plant your ideas ,laws , changes …
Otherwise we’ll go on like “energizer bunny ” forever …
Or those who have opportunity to do something have rocks in their heads , or they’re simply ignoring the problem with cleaver misdirection, which is making them “geniuses”…