Local March 4, 2024 | 2:20 pm

Government invests over RD$37 Million in sustainable energy for east’s rice producers

Miches, DR.- In a comprehensive initiative aimed at fortifying rice production in the East, the Government, through the Special Fund for Agricultural Development (FEDA), has allocated over RD$37 million to assist the 2,000-plus rice producers in the region.

The project kicked off with the introduction of a sustainable energy matrix using solar panels at the Eastern Rice Federation Factory, costing more than 5 million pesos. This not only rejuvenates crucial infrastructure but also delivers substantial savings in electricity costs, enhancing production profitability.

As part of this transformation, the reconstruction of the Rice Factory of the Padre Larroche Cooperative, previously devastated by Hurricane Fiona in La Gina, Miches, is currently underway.

Before this intervention, producers were burdened with monthly electricity expenses exceeding one million pesos. The shift to solar energy has significantly slashed this cost to 160 thousand pesos per month, signifying a crucial advancement in the efficiency and sustainability of the sector.

Hecmilio Galván, Executive Director of the Special Fund for Agricultural Development, expressed pride in contributing to the progress of La Gina, Miches. He anticipated an increase in the region’s tourism potential due to government investments and the enhanced availability of food for tourism. Galván oversaw the reconstruction of the rice cooperative, allocating 33 million pesos for its recovery after the damage caused by Hurricane Fiona.

Santiago Zorrilla, Senator for the province of El Seibo, emphasized the commitment to clean and environmentally friendly energy. He underscored continuous support through loans, equipment, and machinery to bolster local agricultural production. Zorrilla highlighted the President’s vision of fostering development in the countryside, mitigating migration to urban areas.

Domingo Mejía, President of the Rice Factory, revealed that the transition to solar panels has substantially reduced electrical costs, leading to significant monthly savings. The factory, which previously paid 1 million 160 thousand pesos, now pays only 140 thousand pesos per month for electricity, thanks to these panels generating 13 thousand volts.

The Provincial Governor, Magaly Tabar, along with provincial authorities and FEDA officials, attended this milestone event, endorsing the vision of a country where Dominicans can live and work peacefully, propelled by robust support for local agricultural production.

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