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Ministry of Interior and Police grants Dominican nationality to 80 foreigners

Santo Domingo.- Eighty foreign nationals were officially welcomed as Dominican citizens by the Ministry of Interior and Police. In a ceremony filled with symbolism, they pledged loyalty to their new nation, vowing to uphold its customs, culture, laws, and Constitution, and committed themselves to contributing to the country’s well-being.

The list includes 44 women and 36 men from countries as far away as Taiwan, Singapore, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, France, and Spain. Additionally, Cuba, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, the United States, Puerto Rico, and Haiti are represented.

Minister Jesús Vásquez Martínez presided over the oath ceremony, extolling the Dominican Republic’s unique character, its alluring tourist destinations, and the vibrant culture embodied by its people, including the infectious rhythms of merengue.

He emphasized that his administration has prioritized citizen security and fostered positive community interaction through programs like “De Vuelta al Barrio.” This initiative inspires young people by showcasing success achieved through hard work and commitment.

“This initiative led to the creation of the ‘model citizen’ program. These are individuals who uphold all the laws and demonstrate exemplary behavior in their communities and workplaces. In other words, as you become Dominican citizens today, we want you to be part of the fabric of our society,” he said.

Likewise, Vice Minister of Migration Management and Naturalization, Juan Manuel Rosario, explained to the new Dominicans that this step grants them constitutional rights, including running for political office, except for president and vice president.

Rosario also outlined the actions that could lead to the loss of their naturalized citizenship. He stated, “According to Law 16-83 on Naturalization, beneficiaries could lose it if they participate in terrorist acts, incite a coup d’état against a legitimate government, betray the country, move their domicile before the year, serve a foreign government against the State, or acquire nationality through document fraud.”

The event was attended by the Vice Minister of Control and Regulation of Firearms and Ammunition, Aníbal Amparo; the administrative vice-rector of the Police Institute, Colonel Nandy Reyes Santos; the director of Migration Affairs, Laura Mariñez, and the coordinator of Citizen Security of the National District, Ramón Gómez.

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