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Luis Abinader highlights government investment in Santiago province

Santiago – The president of the republic and candidate for reelection for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Luis Abinader, highlighted yesterday that his Government has finished works and has others in execution for more than RD$110 billion, an investment that is double the total invested in Santiago in the last 16 years of the past administrations.

He affirmed that because of the measures assumed by his administration, the Santiago of today, its people, and its leaders at all levels are very different from those of four years ago. “It is not the Santiago that was clamoring for justice in public spending and investments. Today, Santiago knows that justice is being done and investments are being made from the Government, in works that were not carried out in decades,” he insisted.

While participating in a conversation organized by the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) and Compromiso Santiago, the president said that while the world talks of the decline of democracy, in the country, there is a participatory exercise to raise awareness of the need for consensus. He specified that the political class has known how to put collective interests above particular political interests.

Regarding his Government’s works, he said that the people of Santiago could see them when they leave their houses, and “they cover all the areas to improve their quality of life.” He affirmed that he has complied with almost all the work agreed upon for so many years, as requested by the Santiagueros. “Mass transportation works such as the cable car or the monorail, the transformer sanitation of the Gurabo Stream, along with thousands of apartments to relocate families who lived in the area.”

Regarding health, he highlighted a modern hospital in San José de Las Matas and the reconstruction of the hospitals of Villa González, Navarrete, and Sabana Iglesia. He also mentioned road works such as the entrance to Santiago and the six roads to La Vega.

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