Local May 15, 2024 | 11:10 am

Commission urges expedited process for 17th Bridge evaluation

Santo Domingo.- The Public Infrastructure Supervision Commission against Climate Change emphasized the need to expedite the evaluation process of the Francisco del Rosario Sánchez bridge (formerly known as the 17th bridge) from an engineering standpoint.

Osiris De León, president of the Commission, stressed the importance of conducting a comprehensive assessment of each component, particularly focusing on the metal sections. He highlighted the necessity of employing techniques such as x-ray analysis and spectrometry to determine the extent of salinity or deterioration affecting the structure.

Following the evaluation, De León mentioned that the Commission may recommend the construction of a parallel bridge if deemed necessary. This solution aims to ensure smooth vehicular flow and the safety of the numerous citizens who rely on this route for their daily commute.

Leonardo Reyes Madera, executive director, outlined the initial steps to be taken in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works and the contractor. This includes conducting a physical survey of the existing bridge structure to develop a model for assessing required interventions to accommodate new load requirements.

Last week, members of the Commission conducted an on-site visit to the vicinity of the Francisco del Rosario Sánchez bridge to gather essential information.

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