Local May 29, 2024 | 5:34 pm

INESPRE purchases 14 Million plantain to support storm-affected producers

Santo Domingo.- INESPRE has initiated the purchase of 14 million plantains from producers in Salcedo, Villa Tapia, Moca, and La Vega, who were recently impacted by severe wind, thunderstorms, and heavy rains. The total purchase amounts to 70 million pesos.

These bananas are being sold at five pesos per unit through INESPRE’s producer market and mobile warehouse programs.

This initiative, led by INESPRE’s executive director Iván Hernández Guzmán and directed by the Presidency of the Republic, aims to support the affected producers.

The beneficiaries include members of the Dominican Association of Plantain Producers (Adoplatano) and the Association of Agricultural Producers of the Espaillat Province (Apape). Notable producers such as Pablo Alcides Rodríguez, José Martín Taveras, and Jordy Ureña are among those receiving support.

The severe weather caused extensive damage to cassava and banana plantations in the region. INESPRE’s purchase of these products is part of its strategy to bolster local production.

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