North Coast January 19, 2020 | 7:33 am

Asphalting in the streets of Puerto Plata breaks Law 15-19 arranged by the Central Electoral Board of the Dominican Republic

PUERTO PLATA – Government and municipal authorities began paving streets in San Marcos sectors of the community in Puerto Plata, the act qualified as “an action politicking” for allegedly violating Law 15-19 prepared by the Board Dominican Central Electoral (JCE ).

Electoral Regime Law 15-19, which states that during the 40 days before the election, are not allowed to carry out social programs or extraordinary community support.

Because in the vicinity of the place of workers brigades of the town hall of Puerto Plata, they undertook the construction of sidewalks, curbs, and placed terracería material (filler) serving as the basis for asphalt. the provision of heavy, flotilla machinery dump trucks, sponsored by the State, through the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC), which are led by reelection-seeking Major Walter Musa Meyreles, public officials and notorious leaders of the Party observed Dominican Liberation (PLD ).

After almost three years of inertia, government authorities have initiated these tasks at less than a month before the municipal elections on 16 February the student year, which is why it has been considered in this way.

Carlos Andres Gonzalez, who is in charge of the Department of Urban Planning of the City of Puerto Plata, said the paving will be applied on the roads of the districts: Cerro Isabel, Vista Bella, San Antonio, Los Rieles and Monte Verde in community San Marcos.

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