North Coast January 29, 2020 | 7:04 am

Puerto Plata prepares to perform its grand Carnival 2020 gala

The upper part of the Malecon Avenue in Puerto Plata will once again be the stage for the celebration of the traditional Carnival Puerto Plata 2020.

“This year we continue to observe the great growth of the Carnival of Puerto Plata, so I want to thank the support of the authorities and companies that believe in this cultural manifestation of our people,” said Souffront. The announcement was made by the Carnival Union of Puerto Plata ( Ucapplata ), chaired by Juan Oscar Souffront (Yanco), during a press meeting held at “The Paseo de las Sombrillas” on San Felipe Street.

He explained that on Sundays 2, 9 and 23 February, Carnival afternoons will be held on the Malecon in front of Long Beach, except Sunday 16 of the said month, because that day will be the elections to elect new municipal authorities, according to the New Diary.

The president of the Ucapplata highlighted the great talent of the artists of the Carnival of Puerto Plata, such as Comparseros, Diablos Cojuelos, and Taimáscaros, who are the raw material of that holiday that highlights our folk and cultural roots, to the delight of the population.

During an act, the coronation of King Momo proceeded, which on this occasion will be the carnival Manuel De Jesús Matías (Suki), in addition to the Carnival queen; Katherine Alcántara, while the dedication of the Carnival Puerto Plata 2020 fell to the folklorist and educator Vilma Ricardo Santos (Tía Vilma).

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