North Coast July 26, 2022 | 3:21 pm

Tourism focuses on strengthening the quality of services to cruise passengers in Puerto Plata

More than 90 actors that offer their services in the value chain of the tourism and cruise industry were trained to achieve excellence in the products they offer to cruise passengers on their tours and tours of each of the attractions of the province and the northern coast of the country.

The purpose of the workshop course: “Excellence in Service, WOW edition,” was to train the personnel in charge of each area that provides first-line services to cruise ship tourists with authentic experiences and quality service.

This workshop was coordinated by the Regional Tourism Office for Puerto Plata and the North Coast and was given by the facilitator and expert in tourism and the province, Ambra Attus, a representative in the country of Aquila, a leading company in training for destinations in the global cruise industry.

Also participating for the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) were the Provincial director for Puerto Plata and the North Coast, Stephanie Kfouri, and Orfila Salazar, director of Cruises.

Kfouri assured that “we are committed to ensuring that tourists receive excellent services,” which is why the workshop will bring excellent results in the quality of the services that cruise passengers receive while living the experiences of the Puerto Plata destination.

On his side, Salazar thanked on behalf of the Minister of Tourism David Collado, the directors of the Ocean World water park, for opening the doors for the realization of the course and for receiving in its facilities almost a hundred participants.

He explained that the training initiative in the sector is part of the plans of Minister Collado to support the industry and because of the sustained growth, month after month, that the cruise industry has been showing in each of the tourist ports of the country.

He highlighted the great expectations for the country to continue its leadership in this sector with the beginning of the construction of a port for Samaná and the plans for a new terminal for Cabo Rojo, Pedernales.

Salazar also said that it is of great importance for the promotion and development of the industry that the city of Santo Domingo will host the 28th Annual Conference of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association FCCA from October 11 to 14.

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