North Coast December 22, 2023 | 4:37 pm

Major infrastructure improvements in Las Galeras, Samaná by the Dominican Government

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader and Minister of Tourism David Collado inaugurated significant works in Las Galeras, Samaná, totaling 206 million pesos, to boost tourism and enhance the living standards of residents. The projects include reconstructing the vendors’ plaza and improving pedestrian access to Las Galeras beach, along with road reconstruction and a wastewater collection line on the main street.

The vendors’ plaza project, costing RD$48,899,372.04, revitalizes a key area for local commerce and tourism, integrating a general recreation area and facilities for food sales, crafts, and security. The project also enhances accessibility and includes amenities like lighting, landscaping, and seating.

Road reconstruction in Las Galeras, with a budget of RD$83,290,590.56, involves upgrading 1.69 kilometers of roadway. This includes paving, sidewalk construction, drainage improvements, and landscaping, improving both aesthetics and functionality.

The wastewater collection line project, valued at RD$73,780,964.15, is a critical infrastructure improvement. It lays the groundwork for future sanitary sewage system development, ensuring the sustainability of investments in road works. The project extends over 1.37 kilometers, incorporating essential components for wastewater management.

These initiatives reflect the Dominican government’s commitment to developing tourism infrastructure and community upliftment in Las Galeras, contributing to the region’s overall growth and prosperity.

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Peter Harris
December 23, 2023 8:58 am

In Guayacanes,after the MITUR new beach building project, business was reduced over 50%. MITUR eliminated all of the public parking lot. President Abinader probably does not know this. What kind of businessman would spend all this money and eliminate parking ?

Last edited 2 months ago by Peter Harris