North Coast December 27, 2023 | 8:07 am

National socio-environmental network calls for action on Samaná wetlands damage

Samana.- The National Socio-Environmental Network, dedicated to preserving natural resources in the Dominican Republic, has strongly condemned the recent destruction of wetlands between La Barbacoa and El Limón beaches in Samaná. This devastation, reported by the Samaná Environmental Forum and highlighted in Diario Libre on December 19, involved the alarming destruction of thousands of square meters of mangroves, potentially due to Glyphosate-type chemical poisoning. This incident raises concerns about possible involvement from tourist and real estate interests in the area.

Backing the Samaná Environmental Forum’s complaint, the Network demands an immediate investigation to adhere to international environmental commitments, including the 2001 Ramsar Convention and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Both conventions, to which the Dominican Republic is a signatory, emphasize the conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems and biodiversity.

The Network proposes that the investigation be led by the Environmental Commission of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) and the Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic, ensuring an unbiased and thorough process. This approach aligns with the country’s commitment to protect national heritage, following local environmental laws and international agreements.

Highlighting the ongoing threats from economic interests to Samaná’s wetlands and mangroves, the Network calls upon the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the Specialized Attorney for the Defense of the Environment and Natural Resources (Proedemaren) to take immediate and effective action. This incident underscores the urgency of protecting vital ecosystems for the rich flora and fauna of Samaná and the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, the National Socio-Environmental Network appeals to civil society, environmental groups, and concerned citizens to join in defending the wetlands. The Network is preparing legal actions to seek environmental and social justice and invites public support in this endeavor. This unified effort is crucial to safeguard and preserve the ecological integrity of the Dominican Republic’s natural landscapes.

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