Opinion March 7, 2021 | 12:00 pm

CHC proposes a hemp cultivation pilot program for the Dominican Republic

Food, medicine, construction materials, and bioplastics: the all-purpose hemp holds the key for a greener cleaner more universally prosperous future.

Renn Loren

Caribbean Hemp Company would like to propose a hemp cultivation pilot program here in the Dominican Republic, which would stand to gain untold collateral benefits and unprecedented financial wealth if it adopts such a plan.

Although many other island nations of the Caribbean have adopted such programs and made a smooth transition to a more permanent status regarding industrial hemp farming, no other island nation stands to reap such rewards as the Dominican Republic.

Hemp is a plant of seemingly endless uses. The only limit being human imagination and resourcefulness itself.

Many know of it as a source of fibers that produce everything from ultra-high quality papers to fabrics, ropes, textiles, shoes, insulation, and building materials.

But hemp also produces earth-friendly biofuels, medicinal (CBD oil), industrial and edible oils, hemp-based cement (hempment), bricks, food for humans and livestock, can be used to build cars, planes, houses, and even 3D printing medium material.

As we have become shockingly aware of the excess of plastics pollution in our societies and environment, one of the most exciting prospects is compostable and other eco-friendly hemp-derived plastics.


Hemp-derived bioplastic products


So not only is there the prosperity of the farming process itself, but there is also the multitude of attendant industries that derive from this miraculous vegetation.

The numbers are astronomical, nearly unimaginable.

With its network of shipping, trucking, farmers, expatriate communities, local businesspeople, tobacco growers, all organized and in place; Gregory Ricker’s Caribbean Hemp Company is ready, willing, and able to deliver an instant industrial hemp industry to the government’s doorstep whenever it may be willing to give the green light.

Additionally, CHC is lobbying senators, lobbying congresspeople, and holding discussions with the diocese. CHC is doing everything it can to make this happen to aid the government in making a decision that would benefit the Dominican Republic enormously and swiftly.

Ricker is also gathering a think tank of prominent business people, veteran agricultural experts, and meeting with hemp industry leaders who propose to go down to the DR and form a Dominican Republic Hemp Association to formulate a program for the betterment of the DR utilizing hemp.

The CEO recently watched President Abinader’s speech and was moved to tears by the President’s remarkable passion and vision for the country, its people, and its future.

In Ricker’s words, “This president is just so dynamic, so exciting, and engaging. Just to see his energy; every day you wake up, you see he’s building a road, a water treatment plant, houses for the less fortunate. He’s moving every day; you can’t even keep up with the projects he has under his lid!

If there’s ever a chance for this country to lunge forward into a whole new future of unprecedented prosperity, it’s here now.”


Caribbean Hemp Company founder-CEO Gregory Ricker


Humanity’s future needs hemp. Earth’s health requires it. Our very survival may depend upon it. And there is no good reason not to embrace the myriad gifts this ancient plant holds for the planet.

The combination of the vast untapped potential of the Dominican Republic as a hemp growing nation and Ricker’s CHC presents a most promising key to opening entirely new and hopeful horizons. In the wake of the disruption left by a historical pandemic, perhaps hemp cultivation offers a solution for rapid recovery from the ever-increasing poverty, unemployment, and inequality that afflicts not just the DR but the world’s nations.

Once upon a time, a decision was made for all of us by a select and privileged few. Under their influence, we were all forced to take the wrong turn towards a petrochemical-dependent and pollution-spewing civilization.

As we all face unprecedented levels of pollution, ecological and financial stresses, and devastation, perhaps the time has come to right that wrong.

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