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Dominican Republic to strengthen Orphan Case Management with software from Tyler Technologies and non-profit Both Ends Burning

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Plano, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a new public/private partnership, Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: TYL) and non-profit Both Ends Burning are supporting the Dominican Republic’s orphan care strategies with a software-based registry called Children First Software. The technology helps government agencies build, maintain and manage accurate records of a child’s identification, medical conditions and other details for matching the child with their forever family.

Both Ends Burning, a change agent dedicated to bringing attention and solutions to the challenges facing orphans in developing nations, partnered with Tyler Technologies to develop Children First Software. The organizations have entered a three-way agreement with the Dominican Republic to use the software at no cost, which is now in production for the Caribbean nation.

As one of 26 countries that comprise the Both Ends Burning Global Working Group, the Dominican Republic is the most recent country to apply the Children First Software, which helps government institutions and private orphanages to streamline how at-risk children are matched with loving families. The registry is also currently in pilot in four other countries and is expected to move into production in those countries in this calendar year.

Children First Software provides a tool to enable countries worldwide to manage and produce child welfare programs through four modules, including registry, planning, placement and administration. The software’s administration module was designed with a repeatable baseline code, but is also configurable to every country’s unique needs. By having online, comprehensive access to each child’s relevant information, including all known data about birth, health and education, Children First Software helps in-country courts, child welfare and adoption organizations make determinations about the best outcome for each child, as well as measure family-based outcomes in a timely and safe manner.

“Children First Software was designed with the world’s most vulnerable children in mind, and shows how technology can make a true difference, reducing the time required to move these children out of orphanages and institutional care, reunifying them with their birth parents or finding loving families in the child’s own country or abroad,” said Mark Schwartz, who holds the dual role of executive director of Both Ends Burning, and director of consulting for Tyler Technologies. “There are multiple aspects of orphan care, and providing all in-country agencies better and easier access to pertinent child data is a major hurdle. We are proud to be working with the Dominican Republic and supporting their leaders as they work hard to streamline social welfare initiatives.”

Both Ends Burning and Tyler have a shared vision for how public/private partnerships can help countries solve tough and complex issues. Tyler is committed to using technology to help transform the justice system, and the partnership with Both Ends Burning helps address systemic injustice for these vulnerable children.

“We believe that the Children First Software initiative is part of our social and moral responsibility. We are blessed with the financial and technology resources, and people with the expertise and passion, to support caring nations like the Dominican Republic that are working hard to improve the welfare of children living outside parental care,” said Bruce Graham, chief strategy officer and president of Tyler’s Courts & Justice Division. “We are eager to put Children First Software to work in the Dominican Republic and be a strong partner for the nation’s leaders who are committed to helping the children in their care.”

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