People June 29, 2017 | 1:48 pm

Pix depict ‘Everyday Dominican Republic- day-to-day perspectives’

Photos by Everyday Dominican Republic (everyday.dr) photographers/contributors*

Santo Domingo.- The Centro de Imagen and the collective of photographers EverydayDR invite to the launch of the photo exhibit “Everyday Dominican Republic,” starting Tuesday, July 4 at 7pm and will be open to the public throughout the month of July.

“Everyday Dominican Republic” is a selection of 100 photos in which the group of artists use their talent to provide a fresh look customs Dominican Republic’s daily life, cultural diversity, color and beauty.

“One of the exhibit’s peculiarities is that all the images were taken exclusively with mobile phones and have been spread globally via the account Instagram @ everyday.dr, whose number of followers grow steadily.

Accounts: @orlandobarriaphotos, @erikasantel, @rguzmanphotos, @franafonsofotos, @danny_alveal_aravena, @santividal_photo, @ francisr99, @, @instaclaudiard, and new photographers are invited every 2 months.

Venue: Centro de Imagen, Arzobispo Meriño 464 – Colonial Zone.

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