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Canadian alt-rock band Still Eighteen returns to perform in the Capital

Santo Domingo.- The Canadian alt-rock band Still Eighteen is returning to perform in the Capital at Shots on Saturday, January 15th! The band is excited to perform their newest single “Piazza Cavour” that was released on December 3rd.

This Zeppelin-esque banger was created during what the band calls “a haunted ski trip”.  The members of Still Eighteen include former Platinum Blonde & Trixie Goes Hollywood frontman Joey (lead vocals, guitar and co-songwriter), along with his wife Karen (drums) and their daughter Samantha (bass guitar, vocals and co-songwriter).

Still Eighteen describes the writing of “Piazza Cavour” as an otherworldly experience.

Haunted by night terrors of witches since childhood, Joey felt an ominous energy while on a ski trip in the Italian Alps where his father was born. Joey was waiting for the bus in the beautiful tourist town of Bormio, when he sensed the presence of witches around him. He was struck by the inexplicable knowing that something horrific had happened in the very place where he stood. That day, a deep-dive into Bormio’s 3000-year-old history revealed that 43 women had been hanged and burned to death for witchcraft in the 16th to 18th centuries. Joey picked up his guitar and the song wrote itself that afternoon.

“It was as though the spirits of these women wanted me to tell their story.”

“We are so happy that the song and video are receiving such a positive response, especially in Italy where it is being featured on dozens of music blogs, magazines and radio stations!”

Don’t miss the chance to see Still Eighteen live at Shots this Saturday and stay tuned to the Dominican Today for more of their upcoming concerts in the D.R.!

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