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Zoé Saldaña enjoys the Dominican Republic with her whole family

Santo Domingo, DR

The renowned actress Zoé Saldaña is enjoying her country, the Dominican Republic, with her whole family.

With a song by Juan Luis Guerra, a Dominican flag, and a video where she traveled some of the country’s roads, it was the publication that the “Avatar” star shared with her eight million followers on Instagram.

In other videos circulating on social networks, you can see her husband, Marco Perego, and their three children on the beach, also spending time with the actress’s relatives in the country.

Despite having a great career in Hollywood, with multiple successes in her catalog, the actress does not forget her roots and is always aware of what is happening in the country.

So much so that in mid-2020, the famous one expressed her desire to return to making movies in the Dominican Republic, of which she only has beautiful experiences.

Through an interview with Dominican journalists through the Zoom platform, Zoé said that, if she has not returned to Creole cinema,  has not been due to lack of interest, but rather due to time, since when she shot the only film she has made in the country, “La maldición del padre Cardona,” (“The curse of Father Cardona”) she has not stopped shooting one film after another.

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February 4, 2022 2:14 pm

Creole cinema I never knew she was making movies in Haiti. Yu have to be the stupidest editor in history

Deivy Campusano
June 21, 2023 11:10 am
Reply to  Drfinest

Lousy translation on behalf of the editor.