Poverty April 10, 2015 | 4:47 pm

Dominican Republic cannot harbor two poor nations: President

Panama City.- President Danilo Medina on Friday said the international community must understand that as a poor country Dominican Republic cannot harbor two poor nations.

During a bilateral meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Medina cautioned that the international community cannot ask Dominican Republic to do what it doesn’t ask of others.

He suggested that the international community make every effort so that Haiti can issue the necessary documents to all its nationals by June 15, when Santo Domingo’s Plan to Regularize Foreigners expires.

When Ban expressed concern and asked what will happen after June 15 with the foreigners who fail to legalize their status, Medina responded firmly and said his country undertook a comprehensive process to regularize the presence of foreigners.

He said everyone obey the law and ensure respect for the rights not only of our citizens, but also foreigners.

"Dominican Republic has done everything humanly possible to ensure the rights of foreigners in irregular situation in the country," Medina said, adding that two laws have already been passed and further extensions cannot be given.

With Obama

Medina also met with US president Barack Obama as part of te Summit of the Americas, prior the the gathering of the leaders of the hemisphere.

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