Poverty April 18, 2015 | 8:39 am

10 percent of children in Dominican Republic suffer from malnutrition

Santo Domingo.– Foreign experts on nutrition warned Friday that ten percent of children in the Dominican Republic suffer from chronic malnutrition, with the malnutritional deficiency especially high in early childhood, mainly due to low levels of iron and iodine in the diet.

During a training event organized by Corazones Generosos Foundation, nutritionists highlighted the importance of proper nutrition before even the conception of the mother, until the age of six, which is the stage where the brain is developed almost in its entirety.

Doctors Tamara Diaz and Regino Piñeiro called Dominican authorities involved in food safety to take into account the importance that proper nutrition of infants has for their development and the future of the country.

In this regard, they noted that children with low cognitive capacity caused by undernutrition will be less productive adults in the future.

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