Poverty July 8, 2015 | 12:59 pm

Deportations from Dominican Republic could ‘destabilize’ Haiti

Washington.- The Foreign Minister of the hemisphere’s most unstable country on Wednesday asked the international community to intervene with Dominican Republic’s government so it provides a quicker and more humane documentation process for its immigrants, on concerns that their deportation could “destabilize” the world’ first black republic.

Haiti Foreign minister Lener Renauld also demanded that the international community break its silence and ask Dominican Republic to resume talks to develop a protocol to ensure respect for undocumented Haitian nationals in Dominican territory.

He noted that they are men and women who have "contributed and contribute" to the neighboring nation’s (Dominican Republic) development through their work in the various sectors of the economy.

Renauld said Haiti wants the Americas to urge Dominican Republic to reason. “Haiti doesn’t come here to ask for mercy, is to say no to situations of divided families who don’t remember some periods of history."

"We’re all interested in averting mass deportations that will lead to the division of nuclear families," he said, noting that Haiti will continue to insist on negotiation to seek a solution to this immigration situation. "We’re committed to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe that would destabilize the country."

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