Poverty November 17, 2016 | 8:21 am

Election doubts and hope for Haitians in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Haitian immigrants living inthe Dominican Republic, a large number illegal, are torn between skepticism andhope that their country’s economic, social and political situation will improveafter next Sunday’s election.

Adding to Haiti’s woes were the fatalitiesand economic devastation from Hurricane Matthew, which forced a fourth postponementthe balloting slated for October 9.

More than six million Haitians are eligibleto vote for one of 27 presidential candidates, more than a year after theresults of a poll were annulled on alleged irregularities.

Around 700,000 Haitians call the DominicanRepublic home, according to the 2010 Survey by the National Statistics Office(ONE), but many, especially those without documents, are afraid to talk to thepress.

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