Bavaro & Punta Cana April 22, 2024 | 11:27 am

The I Polo Cup raised over RD$6 million for literacy programs in Capotillo

Punta Cana.- Save the Children and the Consular Corps hosted the I Polo Cup at Puntacana Polo Club, backed by 71 companies, raising over RD$6 million for literacy programs in Capotillo, where Save the Children has been active since 2020.

The Cayacoa/Autoasesores team clinched victory in the Cup and National Championship, triumphing 12-6 over La Patrona Gulf. Key players included Zoilo Hernández, José Calasanz, Héctor Castillo, and Federico Ramos. Praxila Tabatoni earned the “Player Most Valuable” title, while La Gallaica, owned by José Calasanz, won the “Best Player Horse” award. Arianna Van Schermbeek was recognized for her outstanding female participation.

Four teams – Barceló, Cayacoa/Autoasesores, La Patrona/Gulf, and Arkham – showcased their skills in the tournament, hosted by Reyson Pimentel and Pamela Sued.

Juan Tomas Díaz, president of Save the Children Dominicana, expressed gratitude to the veteran teams for supporting children’s rights in the Dominican Republic, aiming for the event to become a beacon of support for children’s development through education initiatives.

Proceeds will fund literacy and mathematics programs in Túnel and 42, Capotillo, focusing on enhancing reading and comprehension skills for first to fourth-grade students.

The event attracted social and sporting figures to Puntacana Polo Club, offering amenities for families to enjoy.

The awards ceremony, led by Fernando González, Rosendo Álvarez III, and others, honored participants. The tournament coincided with a family polo day attended by Puntacana Resort owners, residents, and guests.

The Consular Corps paid tribute to the late Mr. Francisco Rainieri, founder and former dean of the Consular Corps in 1952.

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