Tourism March 11, 2015 | 8:53 am

Mayor asks patience on slow Colonial Zone works: Diario Libre

Santo Domingo.- “The technicians working to revamp the Colonial Zone have to be rigorous in the historical center, more than anywhere else in the National District, so the job is slow and consequently, is what we have to do to comply with these protocols. With patience," said Santo Domingo mayor Roberto Salcedo on Tuesday.

Quoted by, the official said that despite that the National District isn’t directly involved with the works, noted that it provides follow-up to assure respect of the rules and that the project resulted from an agreement by several agencies.

He noted that there are always drawbacks in construction projects. "All construction processes have a trauma, but in the end we will have a much more rejuvenated historic center, much more elegant and suitable for the issue of competitiveness of the city."

"Once the gray work concludes, we will then join all parts of the historic center’s reorganization," the Mayor said.

Colonial residents and merchants have complained of the project’s slow pace and repeated work in some areas, including faulty stoms drains, while dwellers of adjacent Santa Barbara note the need of repairs of water leaks from previous jobs.

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