Tourism July 9, 2015 | 12:41 pm

Medina must halt use of taxpayer money for politicking: Political action group

Santo Domingo.- The political action group Nueva Democracia (new democracy) on Wednesday demanded that president Danilo Medina take concrete steps and go beyond the usual official rhetoric and ban the use of taxpayer money for politicking.

The group says the president must set precise and compelling examples to set a precedent and curb the abuse of state funds during election campaigns.

"The government austerity measures are lame hypocrisy, since it’s only a ban without penalty and perpetuates excessive embezzlement of the state. “That practice of the leaders in election time isn’t news,” said Nueva Demoracia, adding that the party in power also uses the people’s money.

A president must impose a ban on the use of public funds by individual interests, establishing sanction mechanisms to halt such practices," the organization said, adding they expect Medina and officials will adopt stronger measures over campaign financing, and harsher penalties against violators.

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