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International School of Sosúa administrators share progressive practices with educators in the Middle East

The International School of Sosúa is gaining recognition among educational leaders around the world for several progressive initiatives established at the school.

This year the school is pleased to report that the Director, Mr. Colin Brown, and the school’s Secondary Principal Ms. Lindsay Prendergast have been selected to share what they have implemented at the International School at two separate educational leadership conferences in Cairo, Egypt and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

At these events, attended by hundreds of school administrators and educators from around the region, they will lead workshops over the curriculum development process implemented by the teachers at ISS as well as the standards-based grading practices utilized in the ISS Middle School.

“In addition to sharing out about the International School of Sosúa’s progressive practices at the conference, I really look forward to learning about new and additional innovative initiatives that from other international schools are implementing, so that I can bring ideas back to ISS.

Getting firsthand experience with other globally cutting edge practices will ensure that ISS remains at the forefront with regard to 21st Century instruction and continues to provide its students with a world-class education!”- Ms. Lindsay Prendergast, Secondary Principal.

In recent years, Mr. Brown and Ms. Prendergast have been invited to present similar workshops at conferences in the United States where they have been very well-received by participants.  Such events have served to expand the reputation of the International School of Sosúa as a cutting-edge educational institution providing a world-class education for its students.

The conference host, AdvancED, accredits thousands of schools all over the world and seeks to “lead and empower the education community to ensure that all learners realize their full potential” (  They host conferences for educators to “discover strategies to develop, execute and measure goals for school improvement” (

The AdvancED Global Conferences in Cairo and Abu Dhabi will take place this November.   On behalf of the ISS community, we are very proud of having two administrators represent our school in the Eastern hemisphere. We look forward to hearing about the experience of Ms. Prendergast and Mr. Brown in the Middle East! Stay tuned!

The International School of Sosúa is a fully-accredited private, bilingual pre-K – 12th grade school located in Sosúa on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  Enrollment is now open for the 2017-2018 school year.  For more information contact or view

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