Tourism March 12, 2018 | 1:37 pm

Barahona Fair eyes the South as multi-destination tourism

Santo Domingo .- The second annual Barahona Discover and Tourism Fair, from March 16 to 18 will count on the participation of over 50 tourism, industry, commerce, services, gastronomy, crafts, education and financial companies and government agencies, the organizers announced Sun..

In a statement the organizers said the fair will also serve as the launch for the Mango Cluster, presented as an example of community articulation with growers and its impact on the province’s growth and economic development,.

EFE reports that the activity will be staged at Barahona Catholic University (Ucateba).

“The agenda includes a meeting with the managers of the La Perla del Sur project in Barahona, an initiative that will open the doors of Barahona as a tourist destination from the development of a new business model that combines the components of real estate tourism with residences, private villas, apartments, with hotels, marina and a convention center and that will provide 1,200 rooms in its three phases of execution.”

“Since last year, the Barahona Tourism and Production Cluster has been preparing, together with the National Competitiveness Council to carry out research that will serve as the basis for the development of the Southwest Tourism Corridor, which would make the south region the country’s first internal multi-destination,” said organization director Elena Nunziatini.

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