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Dominican Republic goes full press for its reputation

Santo Domingo (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism has launched a new repositioning campaign showcasing the beauty and unparalleled experience of vacationing in Dominican Republic through the eyes and words of travelers.

“The Real DR” is part of a multi-pronged marketing campaign which invites travelers to experience Dominican Republic’s brand through the unscripted statements, stories and testimonials of actual tourists.

In an effort to regain consumers trust and reinforce Dominican Republic’s reputation as a safe and paradisiacal destination the Ministry of Tourism developed and launched #TheRealDR, an integrated marketing and communication campaign focusing on a six-pillared approach, including:


Public Relations

Social Media

Celebrity Marketing

Trade Marketing

Paid Search and Search Engine Marketing

The specific plans for each of the verticals are designed to work in unison to promote third-party endorsements, highlight the country’s strongest asset, the people, both visitors and locals and show the world #TheRealDR.

The plan commenced in early September with the filming of new broadcast and social media spots featuring stories from actual tourists vacationing in the country. The #RealDR spots debuted in October 2019 across brand social media channels and the first of four :30 broadcast commercials are scheduled to go live in November. The various storylines are centered around a series of first-time and return travelers, each offering a candid and authentic take on their experience in Dominican Republic. This unique approach to traditional tourism advertising is a testament to Dominican Republic’s commitment to regaining consumers’ trust and mindset. Inaugural spots highlight Punta Cana, which has been ranked year-after-year the number one Caribbean travel destination.

“As a destination we have always focused on providing visitors with a world-class experience that makes them want to return,” said Magaly Toribio, Marketing Advisor for the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism. “We are incredibly proud to have earned the trust of such a wonderful group of first-time and repeat visitors. This campaign will allow us to shine the spotlight on those travelers and their authentic and inspiring experiences in-country, showing the world all that Dominican Republic has to offer.”

Future episodes will feature families, solo travelers and seasoned Dominican travelers alike throughout the country sharing a sample of their favorite “Real DR” moments, showcasing why visitors—totaling more than 6.5 million tourist arrivals in 2018, continue to select Dominican Republic as their go-to destination for more than just the beaches, but a mixture of the divine culture, astounding nature, intriguing history and hospitable people.

Increased Public Relations and Social Media efforts will focus on showing audiences the experience of being in country through third-party endorsements from A-list celebrities, journalists, trusted brands, travel partners and social media influencers. Since September the Ministry of Tourism has hosted more than three dozen media representatives in-country and has a series of activations planned over the next few months with both consumer and trade outlets. This tactic is an extension of the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism’s on-going strategy to encourage visitors to experience the culture and the charm of Dominican Republic first-hand.

The first Celebrity Endorsement activation took place in August when the Ministry of Tourism hosted actor Aaron Paul and group of his celebrity friends including Bryan Cranston, Michelle Monaghan and Freida Pinto, for the star’s 40th birthday. The event garnered over 300 media placements and 80 million consumer impressions, Additional activations are being planned now, through 2020.

The country’s first Trade Marketing partnership will kick-off in November with an in-depth travel agent FAM trip organized in tandem with media partner Travel Weekly. Throughout the activation, sixty U.S.-based agents will travel to Punta Cana to get a first-hand look at what is new in the destination as well as to attend educational sessions and informational panels detailing the country’s increased safety measures to further help educate them on how to address consumer concerns.

The introduction of this marketing strategy and the launch of #TheRealDR kicks-off the next chapter of Dominican Republic’s global tourism positioning efforts with a focus on authentic third-party testimonials and endorsements reinforcing the diversity and authenticity of Dominican Republic. This approach will extend into the brand’s other marketing channels and media efforts, including, but not limited to events, in-country activations, a robust social media campaign and more.

“This campaign offers a level of transparency and authenticity like nothing we have ever done before,” said Toribio. “We are looking forward to sharing the beauty and culture of our country through the words and first-person experiences of our tourists.”

For a first look at the campaign, visit: Join the conversation on social media and see first-hand from tourists with the hashtag #TheRealDR. For more information on hotels, attractions, activities and to begin planning your Dominican adventure, please visit

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