North Coast February 1, 2020 | 7:35 am

Tourism cluster values ​​advances in Puerto Plata in terms of security



The Puerto Plata Destination Tourism Cluster ( CTDPP ) valued as positive the advances in security that the province has achieved, which was recently rated by the Institutional and Justice Foundation ( Finjus ) as the safest in the Dominican Republic.

The board of directors of the tourism development management institution of Puerto Plata considered this diagnosis opportune since it reaffirms the effectiveness of the efforts that have been implemented by the security and public order institutions so that this area has the lowest levels of criminality in the country.

The directors of the Cluster considered that, despite this recognition, the strategies that are identified and implemented from the Tourism and Security Tables, organizations in which representatives of the public and private sectors of the public and private sectors of this destination

They stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the prevention cords before the start of operations of the new tourist terminal Taino Bay, in November of 2020, according to a statement.

“Our next challenge is to preserve this classification of safe destination, in front of the massive circulation of tourists who will arrive not only by the Amber Cove terminal, but also by the new Taino Bay,” they said.

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