Tourism May 24, 2020 | 12:13 pm

The “COVID free” certification, a response of DR hotels to the pandemic

Santo Domingo, DR


Hotels in the Dominican Republic are working together with the main source markets to ensure that their establishments are free of the coronavirus, which is why they are creating the “COVID-FREE” certification.

The seal of “COVID free establishment” is being promoted in the different tourist destinations of the country to boost the tourism industry once between the hotels reopening phase scheduled for July 5.

This information has been discussed by 14 institutions representing 510 micro, small and medium-sized companies that are suppliers to the sector.

The clusters of tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic, grouped in the Network of Tourism Institutions of the country, represented by Elena Nunziatini, from Barahona, and Rafael Collado, from Constanza, are also working on placing signage with the seal on the restaurants, guaranteeing them as safe areas for tourism. Tour operators will also receive certification.

Nunziatini stressed that it will return to normal soon in the sector, so preparation is essential in this process. She adds that small hotels represent 40% of the Dominican Republic’s accommodation offer.

Meanwhile, Collado considered that “the postcovid times” will lead the sector to think differently from the way it works before the crisis began. For this reason, the Emerging Destinations Network was created to work quickly with protocols that businesses could apply according to their capacity and give them a guarantee that both workers and tourists will be safe.

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