Health May 30, 2020 | 4:31 pm

Dominican Republic’s Tourism Minister says sector is ready to start

The Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier García, assured yesterday that the country’s tourism sector is now ready to reopen since the protocols that have to do with hotels and the complementary offers were sent to the Ministry of Public Health.

“I said recently that in 30 days the tourism sector would be ready. It was not that we were going to start in 30 days, but that if in those 30 days we opened, we are ready to start. If it is in 45 days or in two months, we are also ready,” he clarified.

He explained that the protocols are being validated by the health authorities and indicated that they have similar characteristics to those established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

García pointed out that the fundamental framework of the protocol that will be applied in the tourism sector seeks, first, that tourists who come to the country can enjoy security, that they are not exposing themselves to being infected by COVID-19.

“It also protects the health of Dominicans who work in these centers and tourists, when they are visiting different places,” he said.

He stated that since the country has been working, there will be training in the different sectors that have to do with tourism.

“With the measures of these sanitary protocols, both for hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, without a doubt that Dominican tourism will gradually achieve the consolidation that we had in previous years,” he said.

The Tourism Minister assured that there has been a permanent contact of all the agents of the tourism sector with the different poles of the country.

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