Tourism July 23, 2020 | 3:31 pm

DR works toward improvements to cater to the US $ 235 million that tourists with disabilities spend

Santo Domingo, DR


If it wants to be part of promoting accessible tourism, the Dominican Republic must capture part of the spending made by tourists with disabilities to travel the world. Figures presented this Wednesday by Diego González , president of the Spanish Network of Accessible Tourism, highlight that these travelers spend close to US $ 235 million.

Tourists with physical or motor disabilities from the United States spend about US $ 105 million on travel each year. In comparison, those from Europe spend about US $ 102 million, those from Germany about US $ 19 million and those from Japan about US $ 9 million, according to González, who participated in the webinar “The challenges of accessible tourism in the country.

In the virtual meeting, organized by Target Consultores, González said that citizens with disabilities and the elderly make an average of 783 million trips.

The specialist indicated that for the country to become an accessible tourist destination, the following areas must be reinforced:

1. Knowledge and technology centers.

2. Equipment, resources, and tourist services.

3. Developers of accessibility solutions.

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