North Coast July 28, 2020 | 3:47 pm

DR’s Puerto Plata Tourism Cluster President rejects Vogue publication

President of the Puerto Plata Destination Tourism Cluster, César José de Los Santos,

PUERTO PLATA.-  The president of the Puerto Plata Destination Tourism Cluster, César José de Los Santos, expressed his rejection of the publication by British Vogue magazine of the image of a country beach full of garbage.

De los Santos considered that the publication of the photograph in a space in which the beauties of other destinations were fundamentally highlighted is an unnecessary offense for a destination that stands out for the beauty and conditions of its beaches, rivers, and spas.

He expressed that the clearest demonstration of the country’s attractions are the nearly 7 million tourists who last year enjoyed the attractions of the Dominican Republic.

Likewise, he expressed solidarity with the statements of the president of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Samaná (AHETSA) Juan Bancalari, who defended the beauties and conditions of the beaches of that province.

César José de los Santos also pondered the response of Minister Francisco Javier García in a letter to the editor of the magazine, Mr. Edward Enningful, in which he stated that the publication lacks journalistic balance and objectivity.

De los Santos invited the editors of the publication to see for themselves the attractions of the country and the beauties of its beaches so that they can objectively transmit the conditions of the main tourist destination in the Caribbean.

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