Tourism August 5, 2020 | 3:49 pm

Evelop postpones its flights to Punta Cana, DR until the end of the year

Evelop has postponed for the end of 2020 the restart of flights to the Caribbean scheduled for September, which has been gradually delayed in recent weeks as a result of mobility restrictions due to health security that has not yet been cleared due to outbreaks of the coronavirus, according to

The airline integrated into Ávoris and owned by the Barceló Group will, therefore, stop programming new operations in the Caribbean – Cuba, Punta Cana and Cancun – neither in August nor in September, since later the cancellations, in addition to generating frustration for its passengers, It also requires them to assume expenses for this concept.

Spanish airlines that for years have been transporting thousands of tourists from that country to the Punta Cana airport during the summer months for the first time will stop doing so this 2020 due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Spanish tourist arrived at the main Dominican tourist pole because the large hotel investors in the entire Spanish-speaking Caribbean are of that nationality, currently about 70% of the hotel business in the Dominican Republic is in the hands of Spanish investors.

The tradition of the Spanish in the business of tourist companies made them pioneers in operating charter flights and developing hotels in the Caribbean, but for the first time in decades, operations are not expected in August or in September that will bring thousands of tourists from that country. to Punta Cana.

Ávoris’ airline plans to expand the range of its activities since the wet-lease flights that started a few years ago and the cargo flights launched in the midst of a pandemic could now also consider launching certain regular long-haul routes over the Atlantic.

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