Tourism August 31, 2020 | 10:03 am

Abinader’s ‘well thought out’ SW tourism development plan

Port at Cabo Rojo.

Pedernales, Dominican Republic.- President Luis Abinader announced yesterday that in a month they will have ready the pre-design of the works that will be built in Pedernales province (southwest) and that they will be part of the master plan that will seek to promote tourist development in the area, but stressed that they’ll begin to build there ASAP.

Abinader said they first have to research to see how far progress has been made in the area, so that from next week they would be in a position to know when construction will begin.

“Look what I’m saying, as soon as possible we are going to build here,” said the president but noted that it is a very well thought out plan. “… we are going to perfect it and with which we are going to work for the true development of the region.”

Regarding the master plan for the tourist development of Pedernales, presented by the past administration, Abinader said they are studying it to see its feasibility and that some business leaders have already come to see and advise. “The award of works has to be done by a free and transparent tender for those who want to invest.”

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