Tourism September 29, 2020 | 3:33 pm

Alexis Victoria introduces a Bill to promote Nautical Tourism and local manufacture of boats

Santo Domingo, DR

The senator for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Alexis Victoria, deposited a bill to promote recreational nautical tourism, the repair, and construction of locally manufactured boats.

The initiative seeks to promote recreational nautical tourism, a little-exploited tourist segment in the Dominican Republic, which has unique potential due to the strategic location and tourist services that the country has.

“The Dominican Republic has been very successful managing mass tourism, now with the Pandemic, we need to diversify, relaunch tourism, and with yachts and sailboats, we have a unique opportunity that we must take advantage of. This legislative initiative is part of what the country needs,” added the senator.

The Caribbean is one of the busiest areas for pleasure boats globally. However, the current legal framework is obsolete, dating from the 50s. It speaks of unfriendly procedures and vessels powered by steam and coal, something discontinuing throughout the world, being one of the causes that keep this vital segment away from visiting the country.

This legislative initiative is considered vital for the relaunch of post-pandemic tourism, since nautical tourism (yachts and sailboats) is of low density, significantly improves the quality of spending, and is the first tourist segment to leave Europe and the United States to vacation in the Caribbean.

This piece of legislation is also considered an innovative initiative, containing the new world paradigm known as “Blue Economy,” which, despite being an island, the DR does not contemplate in any of its estates.

The senator expressed that he is committed to change, progress, and transparency in his province and country.

This would boost the transportation, manufacturing, and currency generation sectors, just what the country needs.

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