People November 25, 2020 | 4:07 pm

Juan Luis Guerra promotes the reactivation of tourism in the Dominican Republic with new audiovisual

The artist was declared an ambassador of the Country Brand.


The Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic ( Mitur ) launched an exclusive production of the outstanding Dominican artist and composer Juan Luis Guerra, carried out together with the private sector, without investment for the Dominican government, to strengthen the image of the nation, in the framework of the Country Brand initiative.

The event, held at the El Embajador at Royal Hideaway hotel, with all health and safety measures, was attended by the president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader; the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña;  the first lady, Raquel Arbaje;  the Minister of Tourism,  David Collado; Juan Luis Guerra; the coordinator for the private sector for the Multisectoral Commission, Ligia Bonetti;   Paola Rainieri, president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism ( Asonahores ); Juan Vicini, among others.

“This initiative fills us with pride not only because it contributes to the work we have been developing to strengthen the image of our country and relaunch the national economy, but also because we have the support of an artist like Juan Luis Guerra, whose image and trajectory raises the DR all over the world,” said Collado, who is also general coordinator of the multisectoral commission Country Brand

In that sense, the multisectoral commission of Country Brand headed by the President and Collado distinguished the artist by recognizing him as an honorary ambassador of the Dominican Republic Country Brand, for his talent, love for the arts and, above all, for always showing Dominicanness through his lyrics and his music.

The president valued the contribution of Juan Luis Guerra and the private sector to the country, mostly because it shows that in the Dominican Republic, “we stand up as a nation, the public and private sectors together as allies, each one contributing what they do best and what they do best. he is passionate about it.”


“Actions like those carried out by Juan Luis today invite us to dream of a better tomorrow, which will only be possible if we build it all together,” emphasized the president.

Meanwhile, Bonetti recalled that one of the pillars of the Country Brand is culture, so “it is a commitment to share the values ​​of the Country Brand, with a sense of pride and belonging, with love and joy that they infect everyone, here and in the whole world, the best that our Dominican Republic has.”

On his side, from the office of the artist Juan Luis Guerra, it was reported that it is not a record production, but that the participation of the singer-songwriter consists of the collaboration of two commercials that he has prepared with the purpose of contributing to the reactivation of tourism in the Dominican Republic.

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