Tourism January 24, 2021 | 11:25 am

Why do tourists from the United States come to the Dominican Republic?

American tourists have a high appreciation of the country.



Santo Domingo, DR

The US market is one of the most important for the Dominican Republic in many economic aspects regarding exports, imports, and tourist flow.

An example of this is that in 2020, despite the economic situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, 69.5% of foreign visitors who arrived in the country after the reopening of airports (between July and December) came from the United States.

Because of this market’s relevance, the Dominican State is willing to make great efforts to attract tourists from that destination, who are a vital axis for the recovery of the tourism sector.

Proof of this is that last Monday; the Government promised to carry out antigen tests for American tourists for 60 days free of charge to diagnose Covid-19, as required by their country.

Although this will also be done with travelers from other countries that also require it, the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, emphasized those from the United States.

“We guarantee American tourists who come to the Dominican Republic that the antigen test will be provided in the next 60 days at no cost,” said the minister.


Just as for the Dominican Republic, American tourists are of great importance; they too have a high appreciation of the country. This is evidenced in the results of the “Opinion, attitude and motivation survey of non-resident foreigners 2019” of the Central Bank (BCRD).

According to the survey, most travelers from the United States choose this country for the quality of its beaches, climate, and hospitality. These three are the main reasons why Americans prefer the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination.

Regarding prices, 69.6% say they consider them reasonable and 20.1% low.

The vast majority of American tourists rate the services and facilities received in the country as good, outstanding, and excellent. Here, airports and hotels’ facilities and services are evaluated; the quality of food, entertainment, cleanliness, transportation service, and sports facilities.

This is why around 99% say that their expectations about the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination were met, and they are willing to return to the country. More than 70% would return to the same place they visited.

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