Tourism March 3, 2021 | 4:32 pm

What is happening with tourism in the Dominican Republic and the world?

The vice president of Institutional Relations of Puntarena Baní, Simón Suárez, affirmed this afternoon that the Dominican Republic has never had such a privileged position as it is now in terms of tourism.

“If one analyzes the statistics of reservations and flight schedules for the last month, it began and is being sustained, the Dominican Republic begins to seem one of the most attractive destinations in the world in those reservation systems,” he pointed out when interviewed at the Lunch Weekly of the Corripio Communications Group.

He emphasized that this positioning is not marketing since, in his opinion, little has been invested in promotion, but it is due to the handling of the pandemic, which has given it credibility.

Suárez explained that although the issuing countries have problems with their economies, they are beginning to show a willingness to travel. He also explained that in the United States, the funds destined for economic support for citizens are producing the expected multiplier effect.

He referred to the phenomenon of “retained demand,” which will begin to reactivate tourism in the country in the third quarter of this year and reflected in massive reservations, according to the vice president of Institutional Relations of Puntarena Baní.

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