Tourism March 29, 2021 | 5:17 pm

Dominican Republic Tourism Promotion Office in Puerto Rico holds meeting with tour operators and travel agents

The director of the Dominican Republic’s Tourism Promotion Office in Puerto Rico, Berónica García, held a virtual meeting yesterday with Puerto Rican tour operators and travel agents.

“The objective of the virtual meeting was to reinforce the knowledge about the filling out of the electronic form E-ticket, which will be mandatory as of April 01, 2021, and which consists of the digital simplification of the three forms that were completed manually such as the migration form, customs declaration, and health declaration,” she said.

He informed that they could be found through the following links: and

“It will be mandatory to fill it out when entering or to leave the Dominican Republic by air, but for the time being, travelers entering by sea will continue to fill it out manually.

He said that with this innovation of the form, the country gives way to modernity and digitization of processes and immigration and customs services.

“I am grateful for the receptiveness of the 60 tour operators and travel agents in Puerto Rico, who connected with us, to be more prepared to continue to guide their traveling clients,” he said.

García also informed that the meeting addressed the issues of the sanitary protocols by Covid19, implemented in the different locations of the Hodelpa hotels, who made live transmissions from the facilities of the Emotions Hotel in the city of Puerto Plata.

“Infinite thanks for the collaboration in this webinar for our travel agents.” He added.

It is priceless to be able to count on an excellent work team, and a group of collaborators, travel agents, and wholesalers, who always support our initiatives, and we wish them much success and good sales from Puerto Rico,” concluded Berónica García.

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