Tourism April 2, 2021 | 7:02 am

Dominican Republic extends tourism insurance coverage until April 30


Free medical insurance also includes legal assistance for tourists.

Visitors must check-in at a hotel to apply


The Dominican government announced extending the program through which free health insurance is granted to tourists staying in the country’s hotels, from April 1 to April 30th.

The information provided by Seguros Banreservas states that the measure is aimed at contributing to the Dominican Republic’s tourism recovery plan.

According to a press release, the plan was designed so that tourists who visit the country as a hotel destination obtain “significant” and “timely” support for the enjoyment of their vacations.

Seguros Banreservas added that it has at its disposal web access where registration will be simultaneous and allow greater control of the affiliates’ data. In addition, tourists will receive their affiliation by email.

“The Dominican Republic is the only tourist destination in the world that guarantees that every tourist arriving in the country by air and staying in a hotel will be granted an assistance plan with coverage for medical emergencies, including Covid-19,” the statement said.

The plan includes providing medicines in hospitalization assistance, emergency medical transportation, hotel expenses for hospitalization, flight change expenses due to a medical emergency, and legal aid.

The country announced this program in mid-September last year, with a deadline until December 31, 2020. The plan was extended for another three months, ending this Wednesday. The insurance covers only tourists who check into a hotel.

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