Tourism April 7, 2021 | 10:42 am

Coastal provinces blaze the trail toward sustainable tourism

Santo Domingo.- Enhancing natural resources for the recovery of tourism with a view to sustainability and inclusion of the actors in each of the environments represents a key aspect for economic development.

The coastal provinces of Montecristi and Samaná are examples of this dynamic, where through the Coastal Biodiversity and Tourism (BCyT) project it was possible to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity while serving as an ecotourism attraction.

Its transformations in coastal areas can be seen after five years of recovery under the coordination of the Ministries of the Environment, Tourism, and the United Nations Development Program, with funding from the Global Environmental Facility, which showcased the achievements of that initiative.

Inka Mattila, UNDP resident representative, highlighted that the tourism offer promoted by the country is based on natural resources and its beauties such as beaches, mangroves, unique flora and fauna that are the “raw material” and constitute the natural capital, essential to sustain the destination that the country offers and has positioned it internationally.

With this project it was possible to restore more than 150,000 square meters of beach; link more than 70 businesses in Samaná and Montecristi in actions to reduce or eliminate single-use plastics in their businesses, through the “Better Without Straw” initiative.

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