Tourism April 12, 2021 | 3:14 pm

Dominican Republic, among the countries in the Americas with the best perception for receiving tourists

The communication and marketing agency The Blueroom Project presented the Study of Perception on Safe Destinations, spring 2021 edition, covid-19; intending to make known which are the national and international destinations with the best perception to travel this summer according to tourism professionals in Spain, as well as the requirements for choosing the destinations and profiles of the people most likely to travel.

One of the main conclusions of the report points out that those destinations that have been declared open to tourism and at the same time have combined coherent management of the covid-19, with low incidence figures and good external communication, will continue to be those most likely to have received more fantastic tourist flows next summer.

According to Spanish tourism professionals, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba are the three American countries with the best perception.

The Maldives, United Arab Emirates, and Seychelles occupy the top three positions of international destinations with the best perception to travel next summer.

According to the study, in a ranking where Costa Rica (71%) or Japan (67%) are also found, as well as Greece (63%) and Portugal (57%) as European representatives.

By continents, Europe is led by Greece, Portugal, and Italy as the destinations with the best perception to travel next summer. Simultaneously, the Maldives, United Arab Emirates, and Japan are the best perceived Asian countries.

Encanto, Seychelles, Mauritius, and Tanzania have been the most voted within the African continent.

According to experts, security against covid-19 and flexible offers will be the main points they will consider when choosing a tourist destination. Nature and open spaces will also be a fundamental factor, indicated by 63% of those surveyed, while connectivity or accessibility is important for 27%.

Tourism professionals also point to image or reputation as a differentiator, as does sustainability.

“In a period where travel specifiers are going to have an actual weight in choosing and organizing trips, it was essential to consult them about their perceptions. Vaccination, together with health security measures, connectivity, nature, and open spaces, the availability of labor mobility, sustainability, and accumulated reputation, following a transparent and coherent strategic communication with the management of the pandemic, are shown as key factors in the recovery of national and international destinations within the Spanish market,” stated the founder and CEO of The Blueroom Project, Alejandro Pérez-Ferrant.

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