Tourism July 14, 2021 | 4:04 pm

JetBlue will avoid flight delays due to displeased users in Dominican Republic

 The general manager of the airline in the region will come to the country

 Social networks echo the discontent of passengers in the DR


The Civil Aviation Board ( JAC ) reported that, concerning the videos circulated on social networks about Dominican passengers who were upset after using Jetblue services, specifically on flights to the Dominican Republic, the US airline would take measures to end such situations.

José E. Marte Piantini, president of the entity, explained that he required the legal representatives of the airline in the country to report on these specific situations in which Dominican passengers were involved.

As part of the requirements made by the JAC, Marte Piantini informed that the general manager for the Latin American and Caribbean Region of JetBlue would come to the country to present the action plan that was required of them so that there are no delays in your air operations to the DR, and in this way avoid the discomfort caused by passengers in such eventualities.

The president of the JAC also stated that to guarantee that the rights of passengers are duly protected as established in Resolution A40-29, where the International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO ) sets the Basic Principles of the Consumer of the Air Transport, emphasizing that passengers must always be kept informed throughout the trip about any particular circumstance that affects their flight and very particularly in the event of a service interruption.

“The JAC, as the institution in charge of ensuring the facilitation of civil aviation in the country, as established in Law No. 491-06 on Civil Aviation of the Dominican Republic, has received repeated complaints from passengers who express dissatisfaction with the JetBlue treats Dominican passengers,” he said.

In addition, he said that “we are taking action in this regard, in order to guarantee that the ICAO guidelines are complied with, as well as to provide the good treatment that all Dominican passengers deserve.”

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