Tourism July 15, 2021 | 10:09 am

Dominican Republic’s Colonial Zone leads a raucous revival

Photo Diario Librre.

Santo Domingo.- People filled dozens of bars and restaurants; They used public transportation without haste and the streets were no longer so lonely on Wednesday night, when the curfew will begin at 11pm as part of the easing or de-escalation of restrictive measures against COVID-19 ordered by the government.

Diario Libre reports that the main streets the bars and restaurants of Villa Juana, Naco, Ensanche la Fe, Villas Agrícolas, Gascue, Cristo Rey, La Esperilla, Piantini and other points, the people of the capital rejoined from immediate to the usual nightlife activities.

In the popular “drink” areas and fast food points of Villa Juana it was a full crowd. The same thing happened in the bars and restaurants located in areas of Naco such as Tiradentes, Lope de Vega, Max Henríquez Ureña and Gustavo Mejía Ricart streets.

The “Zone”

The crowd that invaded Dominican Republic’s popular “Colonial Zone” was arguably the most raucous, as “standing room only” was the norm

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