Tourism August 15, 2021 | 11:09 am

U.S. bill requires air travelers to be vaccinated against Covid



For the 15th district in the Bronx, Congressman Ritchie Torres submitted a bill to Congress that seeks that only fully vaccinated passengers can travel by plane in the United States.

The proposal would require vaccination before boarding a domestic or international flight. In addition, it would establish exemptions for children who are not eligible for the vaccine, with a “valid” medical excuse.

Also, to international travelers who “may not have the same access” to vaccines.

The Bronx rep is pushing President Joe Biden’s administration to pass the measure, as history tells us that “vaccination mandates are the best hope for breaking the cycle of infectious diseases.”

According to Hoy (Today), the Delta variant has caused a setback of the pandemic in the U.S. territory, causing a significant increase in deaths and transmissions of the virus.

From the beginning of the pandemic until the night of last Thursday, August 12, in the U.S., 37,167,888 were reported infected; 635,901 were deceased, and 30,090,395 were recovered.

Of this amount in the state of NY, 2,257,089 are infected; 54,404 dead and 2,093,454 recovered.

In addition, in the Big Apple, there are 981,518 infected and 33,636 deaths.

Thousands of Dominicans in the USA have died from Covid-19, and tens of thousands have been infected.

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