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RED Air airline opens offer of flights to Miami with special rates

RED Air floats.

The Dominican airline RED Air offers special market rates for its daily route from Santo Domingo to Miami. This strategy responds to the company’s interest in participating in the offer of flights to this vital city and reinforcing its commitment to the tourism sector.

“Within the framework of our positioning strategies, we already have an interesting range of rates available to the market that have already been published through the entire network of Travel Agencies, business partners and our electronic media to facilitate consultation and purchase of tickets. . We have prepared interesting offers and added values ​​that will be appreciated and will motivate new clients to enjoy our services”, said Héctor Gómez, Executive President of RED Air.

The airline has two daily flights between Santo Domingo and Miami at convenient times that allow connectivity and flexibility when traveling.


The purchase of tickets can be made through the entire chain of tourist services, such as travel agencies and tourism wholesalers, and the website, which has a modern platform of “E-commerce,” friendly and straightforward the user who visits it.

The airline also makes advice available at its sales offices located on Avenida Sarasota and Plaza Morichal in Santo Domingo.

“We want to offer the market a reliable option, with high standards of care and service but at the same time competitive and aggressive in commercial matters from an organization that seeks a privileged place in the preference of the Dominican consumer,” said Gómez.

A group of businessmen leads the RED Air project with extensive experience in civil aviation and airport services, committed to the aeronautical sector, its development, and its contribution to the economy and tourism of the Dominican Republic.

“Currently we have a team of more than 100 professionals from different administrative, operational and commercial areas. Our fleet of four McDonnell Douglas aircraft, equipped with a comfortable 12-seat business class cabin and a comfortable 137-seat tourist class cabin, but the idea is to continue growing,” said Gómez.

About RED Air

With a vocation for service, it seeks to satisfy the requirements of its clients and contribute to the development of the airline industry and the Dominican economy, aligned with the central government’s policies for the sustainable development of core sectors such as air transport and tourism.

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Senor Tranquillio
January 29, 2022 8:37 pm

I just checked the prices and they are higher than Jet Blue and Spirit and about the same as American. Whoever wrote this article should do some research before publishing an inaccurate article. ,