Tourism February 4, 2022 | 4:19 pm

Cap Cana confirms it will have the first Marriott St. Regis hotel in the Dominican Republic

The luxurious resort will have 350 hotel rooms.

Sanitary measures stand out, and infrastructures boost tourism.


Jorge Subero Medina, executive president of Cap Cana, indicated that the Dominican Republic continues to gain ground with the incursion of exclusive hotel brands that choose to develop their properties in the country, particularly in the destination of Cap Cana.

In that sense, it reconfirmed the development of a St. Regis Hotels & Resorts of the  Marriott International Hotels chain in the Punta Espada golf course area.

“It is a very exclusive project since it is the first time that the brand will arrive in the country and there will be some 350 rooms that will be added to the country’s lodging portfolio that will once again put Cap Cana in another position,” he added.

The complex would be the brand’s first in the Dominican Republic. In Central America and the Caribbean, the hotel company has two St. Regis hotels, one in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The brand combines classic sophistication with a modern sensibility, committing to delivering exceptional experiences at more than 40 luxury hotels and resorts in the best destinations around the world.

Due to the development of the hotel and the recent inauguration of the Margaritaville by Karisma, Subero Medina explained that the three qualities for which the Dominican Republic remains the preferred tourist destination to invest in hotel developments are: the vaccination program to control the Covid pandemic -19, maturity as a country and hotel infrastructures.

“RD has spectacular hotel infrastructures which are being used and have been part of the hard work that we Dominicans have been doing for many years,” he added.

Meanwhile, and without neglecting the good deeds with which the country’s tourism continues to recover, the director said that there are still some other needs, such as a second line of beach and diversifying the complimentary offer.

«There is always one or another need, and putting a second beach line into production is one of them because the first line has matured and we need another one because we have to expand. In addition, we have the challenge of adding complementary elements that serve as a plus to the hosting offer,» he said.

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Paul Tierney
February 5, 2022 7:56 am

There is no need for a second line of beach, expand. It is all about making tourism revenue at the expense of the natural environment.