Tourism October 4, 2022 | 2:10 pm

Tafer, a hotel chain from Mexico, considers making an investment in the DR

Tafer, a Mexican restaurant brand, is considering investing in our nation. Thus, the Dominican Republic becomes the target of another another Mexican gang. According to what Tafer’s management team would have said to individuals directly connected to the Dominican tourism industry and who have confirmed, Tafer would be highly determined to invest in the eastern zone.

From Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta to Cancun, passing through Sierra Madre, the Mexican hotel corporation is a medium-sized business that runs sizable businesses in a variety of beach and mountain tourist destinations. Therefore, the Mexican hotel chains are placing their bets on the DR, and more specifically, the East. The Chapur brothers’ chains are already there with various flags, just as Karisma, Original, and Posadas do it in an exploitative manner.

The DR, where the strength of tourism is great due to its landscape setting and the legal and citizen security of the locations, is therefore the location where hoteliers from the rival country consistently invest.


Source: Arecoa

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