Tourism November 16, 2022 | 10:00 am

Tourist association calls for expediting eviction of illegal squatters in Cabeza de Toro

The Cabeza de Toro Association of Tourist Land Owners applauded the decision to evict an illegal squatter and requested that the Attorney General’s Office expedite the pending processes in the area that are preventing the development of a tourist complex that includes seven hotels, fields, golf courses, and other tourist infrastructures. The entity’s president, Andrés Alba Lovatón, referred to the eviction of the occupants Silverio Cruz Taveras and Bolvar Daz Franco based on a Supreme Court of Justice ruling on July 29, 2022. He stated that the eviction concludes a process that began in August 2008, and that “more than justice, the company Yupa S.R.L. -who is the owner- has experienced a process of injustice.” “It is not fair that a registered landowner with all of their documentation has to spend 13 years walking through all of the instances of the system to obtain a sentence and then have to wait longer and overcome obstacles to recovering their property,” justified.

The Cabeza de Toro Tourist Land Owners Association proposed that the justice system assume accelerated procedures in cases like the one mentioned, and that, in the case of the beaches, the Executive Branch replace the slow and unfair procedures of the courts, and apply environmental regulations in cases where illegal occupants are involved within 60 meters of public utility. He recalled that two illegal commercial plazas 60 meters away had been evicted for violating environmental law, as well as the unlawful occupation of a beach area of a tourist property in Arena Gorda and Cabeza de Toro, near the Dominican Republic Navy barracks.

The East Association of Hotels and Tourist Projects (Asoleste) added to the Cabeza de Toro Association’s declaration, which asked the judicial authorities not to continue delaying the eviction of the illegal occupants of the Cabeza de Toro area, which has been demonstrated in the courts that do not have titles and delay a tourist development with significant economic and social impact. Meanwhile, the Yupa company stated that they have been initiatives that “can be classified as an extortion attempt, in which the inexplicable delay of the justice system is used to respond to landowners, demanding hundreds of millions of pesos to give up and take the issue out of the courts.”

“They do it because they calculate the losses caused by the delay in starting the tourism projects to the legitimate owners of the land,” they explain.

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November 16, 2022 12:12 pm

What a graphic photo of the DR interior which is so fertile and beautiful and which produces so much produce for Dominicans and this production has kept the prices of food at reasonable levels.I hope this is not the land that is have hotels and golf courses built on it.

Paul Tierney
November 17, 2022 12:24 pm
Reply to  Richard

The photo for the article is a “file photo” of some other place in the country. The area around Cabeza de Toro does have some good lands in and around the resorts. If one does a Google Earth lookup of its vicinity, a great deal of land is heavy brush that is not really farmable due to the nature of very shallow earth to include sand covering wide areas of caliche rock. A good amount of the caliche aggregate used for the area’s tourist zone development comes from Cabeza de Toro mines.