Tourism June 21, 2023 | 11:40 am

Pedernales milestone: it will receive its first cruise next December

Pedernales, DR.- Sigmund Freud, the General Director of the Public Private Alliance (DGAPP), has announced that December 16 of this year will be a historic milestone for Pedernales as it marks the arrival of the first cruise ship to the Port of Cabo Rojo. This date will officially open the province as a tourist destination on an international level.

Freud explained that the Dominican State has already invested approximately $80 to $90 million in the area, and there are plans to invest an additional $150 to $200 million by the end of the year. This investment includes the construction of three hotel buildings with a total of 1,600 rooms.

The developments are complemented by the construction of an airport in the province, estimated to cost between $70 to $75 million.

Freud emphasized that while the government is making significant public investments, they are also seeking private sector partners to ensure the success of the Pedernales project. The goal is to find a private partner to invest the capital needed to complete the first phase, which amounts to approximately $1.3 billion for the construction of the remaining six hotels. Additionally, the Port of Cabo Rojo’s construction work is well underway, and the arrival of the first cruise ships is expected in December.

Freud highlighted the progress being made on the repair and expansion of the Enriquillo-Pedernales highway, which is set to be completed before the end of the year.

The Port of Cabo Rojo will feature four docking positions, a passenger reception center, a water park, an interactive zone, playgrounds, sunbathing areas, a shopping area, a spa, and a main restaurant.

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